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Universal Parts is the leading supplier of intermodal, chassis, trailer parts & truck tires to the logistics industry.


Call or email any time to receive our price sheet and see just how much money we can save you.

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We have the largest selection of intermodal chassis, trailer parts and tires in the industry. Call or stop by anytime for information on our extensive parts selection. We're conveniently located in Linden, NJ - just just a stone's throw from Port Newark.

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We know how important it is to receive your parts order in a timely manner. We have trucks on the road daily delivering to all of the surrounding NJ/NY areas. Same day delivery in the Port Newark area is what we do best. We also ship our parts and tires nationally and internationally.

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Price and quality go hand in hand at Universal Parts. The value for your money is of the utmost importance and so is the quality of our parts, tires and brands. We are extremely price driven and our prices will not be beaten. Call or email us for a quote.

Products We Carry

Truck & Trailer Tires Linden NJ

Truck & Trailer Tires

Universal Parts now stocks truck and trailer tires. We are proud to offer West Lake and Leao Tires at discounted rates. Whether you need drive tires, traction tires, steering tires or trailer tires we have you covered. Contact us today for a free rate quote and price sheet to see how much money we can save you. Sizes 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5 and much more. 

Truck & Trailer Rims + Wheels

Truck & Trailer Rims

Universal Parts offers a complete line up of truck and trailer rims to suit all your repair needs. We carry aluminum and steel rims which can suit a variety of jobs and trailers. Sizes we carry include 8.25 x 22.5, 10HOLE Hub Pilot and Demountable Open Rims and much more. Call us today and we will find the truck rim you need. 

Universal Parts Lighting


Universal Parts offers a complete line of lighting for every chassis and trailer. Peterson, Truck-lite, and Optronics are some of the most trusted name brands in the world. We are proud to partner with them in keeping your equipment safe, up to date, and on the road. Whether you choose LED or incandescent, Universal Parts will have the right light for your needs.

Landing Gear - Universal Parts

Landing Gear

Jost and Holland are two of the most trusted brands in the industry. Any given day Universal Parts is fully stocked with all of your landing gear needs. Paying close attention to price and quality, you will not be disappointed with our selection. Whether you are fully replacing your landing gear or just the hardware components, we have you covered. 

Brakes - Universal Part


We are the leading provider for Stemco Brakes in the area. Our volume allows us to have the lowest price on the market, unmatched by any other company. We also offer a variety of relined brakes, including but not limited to, fruehauf, eaton, and german. If you are unsure of the brakes you are running, feel free to stop by with the core and we will match it for you. Call or email today with any questions.

Axles Universal Parts


Universal Parts always prides ourselves on the quality of the axle parts we distribute. We stock Stemco who is the clear leader in quality and value. This is why Universal Parts is the leading distributer in the area for wheel seals, hub caps, bearings, drums, and much more. Feel free to call one of our experienced staff today for more details.

Air Brakes - Universal Parts

Air Brakes

At Universal Parts we are very proud to have all of your air brake needs met. We carry a wide variety of brands and products to keep all your trailers and chassis running smooth and safely. TSE and Phillips are just a few of our trusted brands. Whether you are in need of brake chambers, gladhands, tubing or valves, it can all be found at Universal Parts.

Suspension - Universal Parts


Universal Parts has you covered when it comes to suspension components. We work closely with some of the most respected companies in the industry. One such partner, Hutchens, has always prided themselves on quality and reliability. Torque arms, equalizers, hangers and springs are just a few of the wide variety we carry.
Electrical - Universal Parts


All of your electrical needs will be met at Universal Parts. As an authorized Phillips distributor, we are very proud to bring that name and quality to our customers. We carry 7-way plugs, wiring, harnesses, and much more. If there is something specific you need, it can likely be found in our warehouse.

ABS - Universal Parts


Universal Parts carries every ABS Valve your chassis or trailer will need. Meritor has been making these valves for years are we are proud to partner with them.  ABS Valves, abs sensors, adaptors and more can be found in our ABS Section.  Stop by today and check out the latest selection.

Container Locking Devices - Universal Parts

Container Securing Devices

At Universal Parts we know how valuable your cargo is. That is why we make sure it is secure. Buffers and Penz are two of the most trusted names in the industry and we're proud to carry their brands. We also feature a wide variety of twist locks pins, twist locks and safety latches for just about every chassis and container.
Miscellaneous - Universal Parts


Universal Parts has over 3,000 parts at your disposal in our NJ Warehouse. In addition to the mandatory functional parts, we carry a wide variety of paints, sprays, mud flaps, safety equipment, grease, and much more. Feel free to stop by today for a tour of our warehouse and offerings.

Brands We Carry

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